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Avoid taxes on poker winnings

Poker winnings
If a poker player in an online poker room luck, at some point he is his winnings to his personal bank account.
These gains are always a personal account of the poker players paid, this is the bill that the player above to open and fund the poker account in the rule.
The poker company offers various payment methods for this transfer; there are usually online payment processors like Moneybookers or Neteller. In turn, these accounts are connected to the local power balance of the poker players.
Poker companies offer the opportunity to the poker account anonymously financed by a prepaid card that can be purchased at gas stations, the poker player is not allowed to obtain the profits completely anonymous.
Depending rely on the amount and regularity of the profits, the privacy of the player traces on the Internet that can be used by criminals information. For many players, the protection of personal data is just as important as the avoidance of taxation. Online poker sites take efforts to “identity theft” to prevent, but the financial institutions are at risk themselves.
Identity theft is a major concern of almost half of all consumers according to recent studies. The amount of abuse that are reported every year that goes private information indicates that this distrust in financial institutions is not unjustified, and that people who are active structurally the internet and earn money by doing so, should be very be careful.
Taxation of poker winnings
Taxes on poker winnings can be avoided. Poker players can reside in countries such as Ireland (which is made by many European players) require or even real tax havens, or they can work under poker “sponsorship agreements” with foreign companies. These options are too expensive and complex for small poker player in most cases. But now there are several options for the smaller poker player.
By a foreign company, along with a bank account in Switzerland or another bank port, poker players can operate anonymously and the profits are in a secure environment, are received without a trace of operations in financial institutions or poker companies.
In this environment, a control strategy is provided which is adapted to the requirements of the poker player; this ensures that the player acts legally and without risk.
Get poker winnings tax free
Inco Intertrust has several solutions that are tailored specifically for poker players, the poker winnings can be received abroad without tax, and without the need for the player to live abroad.
Inco Intertrust is a professional business service and has hundreds of companies under management worldwide. Due to the large customer base Inco Intertrust has good relations with Swiss banks.
This allows customers Inco Intertrust, without visiting the bank to open a bank account within 24 hours. The transaction costs are low, and the required minimum deposit is only , 10,000, which can be achieved during the first year. This amount is not frozen and the customer can access the money at any time.
The poker players also have access to online banking, and will receive an anonymous debit card without a name that can be used at ATMs worldwide. This allows poker players access to their money at any time of the day.